[Linkedin] PyTorch Essential Training: Deep Learning


Course by: Jonathan Fernandes

Course Info

  • Duration: 56m 3s
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Released: October 3, 2019
  • Viewers: 621

Course details

PyTorch is quickly becoming one of the most popular deep learning frameworks around, as well as a must-have skill in your artificial intelligence tool kit. It’s gained admiration from industry leaders due to its deep integration with Python; its integration with top cloud platforms, including Amazon SageMaker and Google Cloud Platform; and its computational graphs that can be defined on the fly. In this course, join Jonathan Fernandes as he dives into the basics of deep learning using PyTorch. Starting with a working image recognition model, he shows how the different components fit and work in tandem—from tensors, loss functions, and autograd all the way to troubleshooting a PyTorch network.


Jonathan Fernandes

Data Scientist and Machine Learning/AI consultant at DXC Technology

Skills covered in this course

Machine Learning Python (Programming Language)


Size: 241MB



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