[Rafeh Qazi] The Profitable Programmer 2.0


Author: Rafeh Qazi
Language: English
Updated: 2020
PDF(s) + Assets: Included



The completely new and rehauled version of the Profitable Programmer is now a 16-week program that helps you break out of your 9-5, gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want, and ultimately puts you on the path to go from zero to 6-figures as a Python freelancer.


• What if you could look at a blank page in sublime text without feeling crippled and frustrated thinking “Ugh. I don’t even know where to start”?
• What if you could look at a blank screen and knew EXACTLY what to do to START and FINISH your next project from scratch?
• What if you had clients who you charge what you’re worth by building full-stack web applications because they see you as a trusted advisor who knows what they need & why they need it and not just some hired-gun freelancer who they hired because you had the lowest prices.

Finally, a system that shows you how to become a python full-stack developer and use those skills to charge what you’re worth. Even if you’ve never written a line of code…

What if you could have the confidence of a highly skilled python developer that’s irreplaceable? The freedom to choose your own hours? And the ability to charge what you’re worth?


List Of Modules:

• The Mindset of Highly Successful Developers
• Python Crash Course
• Your Python Freelancer Portfolio Web App
• Full-Stack Todo List Web App with Python (C.R.U.D)
• Python DJANGO Full-Stack Movie Web App
• Local Development
• How to Start Getting Python Coaching Clients
• HTML5 + Bootstrap 4
• How to Style Your Apps with CSS3
• Javascript Crash Course
• Ultimate Environment for Python Dev with Pycharm
• Django Crash Course
• Git Version Control + Github
• Python Django Blogging App (C.R.U.D) – [Advanced]
• Python Developer’s Guide to LinkedIn & Github
• Profit with Python (Freelance/Developer)
• Profitable Programmer Vault
• Data Science Coaching Calls LIVE (Recordings – Aaron)
• Python Coaching With Students LIVE (Recordings – Jakob)
• BONUS- Let’s Build a Full-Stack Web App (Old Module – Qazi )
• Bonus- Let’s Build Your Python DJANGO Full-Stack Movie Web App (Old Approach by Qazi)


Size: 52.4GB


Course: https://course.profitableprogrammer.co/pp-sp2019



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