PronunciationWorkShop 2005 – American Accent Video Training Program [PDF]

Pronunciation Workshop

Video Training

Our Powerful ‘American Accent’ Training Course

What is your #1 reason why you want to improve your English Pronunciation?

You want people to understand you? You want to feel confident when you speak? You want to get a better job or get that promotion? You want Perfect Pronunciation and sound like a Native Speaker?

Plus, you want an easy way to achieve these results. You want a course that works for you, no matter your native language, dialect, or country of origin. Well, Pronunciation Workshop training will deliver what you want and more!

Watch Paul’s Free Video!

Simple & Hassle-Free Learning.
See the Difference!

YOU have already done the HARD part. You learned English! Now, all WE need to do, is show you how EASY it is to pronounce it correctly! Paul will teach you what you NEVER learned in your English Class.

Why people choose Pronunciation Workshop®
  • 100% Qualified & Guaranteed.
  • No complicated phonetics.
  • No confusing diagrams.
  • No boring memorizing.
  • No childish games.
Video Training

Speak English Clearly, Correctly and with Power!

Discover how ear training and sound discrimination are the keys to quickly improving your English. You will learn vowel shaping, consonant, syllable and word stress, hidden and disappearing sounds, word linking, phrase reductions, rhythm and intonation.

Our Full Video Course access consists of 16 classes, along with digital copies of the Complete Training Manual and the ‘801 Ways to Say What You Mean’ American Idiom Guide.

One Solution for Everyone

This is the LAST English course you will EVER NEED! We guarantee you will not waste your time or money. Paul has created for you, an effective method to easily learn Perfect English with the American Accent. Paul’s training is that powerful!

Anywhere, Anytime

Commuting to work? Sitting in a waiting room? Traveling on business? Vacationing on the beach? Make the most of your downtime with the Pronunciation Workshop® Training Program accessible from all your computers and devices. Pronunciation Workshop® gives you the convenience and flexibility to learn anywhere. Spend just minutes a day, a few times a week, taking the program at your own pace. Get the help you need, the training you want, and the results you deserve. Guaranteed!

Size: 310M



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