[Pluralsight] Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking

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ShortDescription“: “This course will significantly benefit security officers, network administrators, firewall administrators, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of their network infrastructure. Additionally, anyone looking to obtain their Certified Ethical Hacker certification can use this course along with the others in this series to prepare for the exam. You should have a strong understanding in TCP/IP, operating systems, and have at least 1 year experience of networking technologies. This course is part of the Ethical Hacking Series. http://blog.pluralsight.com/learning-path-ethical-hacking”,

Description“: “This course will start you down the path of becoming an Ethical Hacker, or in other words; become a \”Security Profiler.\” You will learn to start thinking and looking at your network through the eyes of malicious attackers. You will learn to understand the motivation of an attacker. It is the duty of all System Admins and Security Professionals to protect their infrastructure from not only outside attackers but also attackers within your company. We will cover the terminology used by attackers, the difference between \”hacking\” and \”ethical hacking\”, the phases of hacking, the types of attacks on a system, what skills an Ethical Hacker needs to obtain, types of security policies, why Ethical Hacking is essential, how to be in the \”know\” of what’s happening in the hacking world, who a \”hacker\” is, what are the biggest security attack vectors, and more. This course is part of the Ethical Hacking Series. http://blog.pluralsight.com/learning-path-ethical-hacking”,

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