[LYNDA] Corporate Finance: Robust Financial Modeling


Author: Joshua Rischin

Released: 10/4/2019

Duration: 44m 4s



Creating a sound financial model can empower businesspeople and organizations to make informed decisions on a quantitative level. Learn how to design a financial model and find out how it can benefit your business. Discover ways to plan for the unknown. Instructor Joshua Richin teaches the tools you’ll need, covering the importance of soft skills and how financial modeling can empower thought leaders. Once the model is created, learn how to present it to stakeholders and how to demonstrate flexibility through scenario analysis.

Topics include

  • Apply the concepts of financial modeling to both organizational and personal Recognize the relationship between financial models and the major decision points the models inform.
  • List examples of soft skills used as tools to achieve better results and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Explain how to create a plan and design brief of a model as a foundation to ensure robust modeling outcomes.
  • Identify how to produce a financial model using data from a variety of sources.
  • Question the integrity of a financial model using quality assurance techniques.
  • Describe the impact on financial model outputs using scenario analysis.
  • Demonstrate financial model longevity through effective documentation and other sustainability practices.

Skill Level
: Intermediate

Skills covered in this course

Business Finance.

Size: 309MB 



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