[INE] HTTP Using Python

INE – HTTP Using Python [FCO]


What about this course

This course will explain the basics of client-server communications, introduce the requests library, and explain how HTTP works (stateless, resource oriented, etc). It also explores the structure of requests (Verbs, URLs, Headers, Body), and explains the structure of responses (status code, headers, body) and authentication mechanisms for HTTP.



About David Mertz

David is the founder of KDM Training, an organization dedicated to educating developers and data scientists in machine learning and scientific computing. His training experience also includes creating the data science training program for Anaconda Inc. where he was a senior trainer. In addition, he was honored to work for eight years with D.E. Shaw Research, who built the world’s fastest, highly-specialized (down to the ASICs and network layer), supercomputer for performing molecular dynamics.


General Info:

Author(s): David Mertz
Language: English
Released: 2023
Videos Duration: 6h
Course Source: https://ine.com/learning/courses/http-using-python


Size: 641MB



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