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INE – GitHub For Everyone [FCO]



This is a beginner-friendly Bootcamp that will teach you the basics of GitHub. You will learn how to use GitHub as a collaboration platform for your projects, implement repository access rules, communicate effectively using GitHub Flavored Markdown, leverage the built-in project management features and tools, and automate general workflow processes using GitHub Actions. You will have the opportunity to reinforce the essential concepts taught by interacting with one another through Github during the Bootcamp.


Bootcamp overview

At the end of this Bootcamp, students will be able to:

Learning Objectives:
• Write elegant and informative Markdown
• Build a communication history within a project using Issues, Pull Requests, Branches and Project Boards
• Apply Security Controls to teams and repositories
• Implement version control techniques for use-cases outside of source code.
• Build automation pipelines to interact with project contributors.

Recommended Knowledge or Skills Prior to Taking this Course:
• Basic knowledge of how to use a web browser


About Instructor


Brooks Seahorn
AWS Associate System Architect, Associate Developer and Associate Systems Operations.


Size: 2.18GB


Course: https://ine.com/learning/bootcamps/github-for-everyone



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