[INE] Digital Resistance: Basic Incident Response with a Wartime Focus


INE | Incident Handling And Response Process For AWS Cloud [FCO]



The current conflict in Europe is impacting and changing the cyber threat landscape. This Bootcamp will familiarize you with current known associated threats, detections, and mitigations that will help you detect and prevent an incident.



The modern cyber threat landscape has changed with the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This Bootcamp will get you up to speed with the relevant incident response techniques including:

1. A briefing and overview of the historical threat actors coming from Russia, including advanced persistent threat groups and other threats.
2. Known threat assessments of their capabilities.
3. Incident detection techniques and mitigations.
4. Various open source tools that can assist you.

You will leave this course with the knowledge of free and open source technologies that you can implement that will increase your ability to defend your environment.



At the end of this Bootcamp, students will be able to:

• Classify the threat posed by Russian cyber actors.
• Summarize incident response techniques.
• Implement threat hunting techniques to find indicators of compromise



• Operating systems- Windows and Linux
• Basic digital forensics
• Cybersecurity fundamentals



Jason began, his cyber security career more than two decades ago when he accepted a position as a systems administrator. Over the course of the next 20 years, he held a variety of roles including network administrator, systems engineer, senior security operations specialist, senior DFIR consultant, and more. A constant throughout his career has been his belief in sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for cyber security professionals. One way he lived by this philosophy was by working as a Cyber Security Lead Faculty and Program Coordinator where he taught nearly one dozen degree and certificate programs. Jason is a GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst and an active member of the Dallas Hackers Association, North Texas ISSA, FBI Infragard, and North Texas Cyber Security Group. In addition to his passion for all things cyber security, he is an award-winning homebrewer, an active volunteer, and a gamer! You may contact Jason at [email protected]


Size: 982MB


Course: https://my.ine.com/bootcamps/d8c5dcaf-95ef-4471-adc9-e031d625cf7b



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