[In Depth Laravel] Become Professional Laravel Developer

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In Depth Laravel – Become Professional Laravel Developer [FCO]



Passionately designed video course for laravel artisans from beginning to advanced.

Journey has now started

Updated & Compatible for Laravel 8


What you will learn

– Welcome to the Journey
– Laravel 8 Upgrade & JetStream
– Advanced Todo App – Introduction to Laravel
– Support Ticket System – Laravel Livewire
– URL Shortener Project – Vuejs with Laravel
– URL Shortener – 1. Create APIs
– URL Shortener – 2. Start with Vuejs
– URL Shortener – 3. Single Page App & Authentication
– URL Shortener – 4. Reset Password
– URL Shortener – 5. More Functionality
– URL Shortener – 6. Design Cool Design
– URL Shortener – 7. Deploy on Forge
– Create Blog with Test Driven Development
– Blog TDD – 1. CRUD Testing
– Blog TDD – 2. Blog Publishing
– Blog TDD – 3. Image Upload
– Blog TDD – 4. Eloquent Relationships
– Blog TDD – 5. Validation Rules
– Blog TDD – 6. Slug
– Blog TDD – 7. Tags CRUD
– Blog TDD – 8. Authorization
– Eventile Project – Laravel and Nuxtjs
– Eventile Project – 1. Sanctum
– Eventile Project – 2. Vuex Store
– Eventile Project – 3. Sending Email in Queue
– Eventile Project – 4. Github Login
– Eventile Project – 5. Event API
– Eventile Project – 6. Stripe Integration
– Eventile Project – 7. Deploy Laravel and Nuxt
– Job Portal with JetSteam & Laravel 8


Why choose Laravel

Laravel: The only PHP framework that every php developer feel proud of.

Since Laravel community is so huge that everyone is rushing here to help you and its like a family.

Learning Laravel not just make you a backend developer but because Laravel supports almost everything from frontend (Vue JS), searching (Algolia), deployment (Forge/Vapor) to many open source projects that you will stand out as a full stack developer.

This course will make you so.


About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Sarthak Shrivastava, founder of Bitfumes, a full stack developer, passionate speaker and online instructor.

For the last 4 years, I’m teaching Laravel and web development related stuff on youtube with more than 55k subscribers.

I have already Published many free and paid courses on various platforms.

I have worked with open sourced technologies and also created many laravel open source package.

Format: MP4 – Quality: Full 1080p – Bitrate: 5MBps


General Info:

Author(s): Sarthak Shrivastava
Language: English
Updated: 12/2022
Videos Duration: 35h 30m 21s
Course Source: https://indepthlaravel.com/


Size: 13.7GB



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